rethink sweet.


What if fibre could be sweet? We deeply believe
sweet can be so much more than a guilty pleasure.
And through extensive research and development
we’ve “cracked the code” on the next generation
of sweet. Sweet with the benefits of fibre
but the deliciousness of sugar.

sweet! without compromise.


nutritional facts

sweet! without guilt.

nutritional facts

sweet! for everybody.



nutritional facts
  • “The best fibre I’ve ever tasted. I use it to replace splenda.”

    – Iria S.

  • “.. low fructose sweetener that tastes good.”

    – Dennis P.

  • “Fantastic product!! I add it to my morning shake to help me hit my fibre goal per day.”

    – David W.

  • “Home made quest bars that taste much better. Unbelievable!!”

    – Bonnie W.

  • “I’ve wanted to make my own protein bars, but with no sugar. This product is easy to use and mixes in well. Love it!”

    – Elaine V.


Made from naturally occurring ingredients
that have been part of the human
diet for thousands of years.


Did you know?

Most of us don’t get enough fibre in
our diet, yet every population
group currently exceeds
dietary guidelines for

Eat Fibre. Not Sugar.

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