About Us

  • Kraive is pronounced Ka-ra-ve. It’s pronounced the same as the word “crave” in the English language.

  • When we were trying to think of a name for our company, we wanted to choose something of significance and unique. Since Kraive was born from the personal struggles of our founder, we thought it was fitting that she is reflected in the name.The “K” reflects the first initial in her first name, Karri. And if you look up “crave” in the dictionary it means “to have strong desire for something”. We thought the word outlined well our beliefs and intentions:
    We Kraive for a better tomorrow™.

  • Kraive Nutrition exists to fuel a better tomorrow™. We endeavor to do this by:
    1. Product Development: Creating metabolically advantageous, safe and delicious food products that support a healthy lifestyle.
    2. Education: Providing clear, credible and transparent health and wellness information to help people make better choices and lead a healthy lifestyle.
    3. Social Impact: Supporting research on solution-focused interventions related to metabolic illnesses.


  • BeniSweet is a high fibre, low calorie sweetener made from a proprietary blend of natural food ingredients.

  • BeniSweet™ is about 40% less sweet than sugar and contains no bitterness or aftertaste.

  • The ingredients in BeniSweet™ have undergone extensive testing and has been approved by Health Canada and FDA. BeniSweet™ is well tolerated by the body.

  • The recommended daily value of fibre for Canadians is 25 – 35 grams each day. Studies have found that most people get less than half of that daily amount. Your limit is based on your tollerence, however we recommend to stay within the guidelines.

  • Scientific Studies find the ingredients in BeniSweet™ do not raise blood sugar levels and are low GI.

  • BeniSweet™ is pronounced Ben -e- sweet. It means sweet with benefits.

  • BeniSweet is a propriatary blend of inulin (from chicory) and IMO (from cassava) fibre.

  • Prebiotics are a category of functional food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria residing in the colon, which consequently contribute to the host health.

  • Dietary fibers are the indigestible or digestion-resistant portion of plant foods that move food through the digestive system, absorbing water, making defecation easier. Soluble fiber undergoes metabolic processing via fermentation, yielding end-products with broad, significant health effects. BeniSweet is a dietary fiber because of its resistance to digestion in upper digestive tract.

  • No, BeniSweet™ is 50-60% the sweetness of sugar.

  • The shelf life of all BeniSweet™ Brand Sweeteners is one year.

  • Yes, fibre. It might sound strange but it tastes amazing! And unlike what many may expect from a fibre sweetener, it contains no grit or aftertaste.

  • Yes – you sure can! BeniSweet™ is about 60% the sweetness of sugar. You can add BeniSweet™ with a high intensity sugar, such as Stevia, to be equal sweetness of sugar.

  • You should try to store BeniSweet™ granulated products tightly closed and in a cool, dry place. BeniSweet™ natural fibre sweeteners are hygroscopic which means in warm and humid conditions they will absorb moisture and can cake. The packaging materials we use have good barrier properties so as long as you store them in tightly closed in original packaging you should not have much difficulties.

  • By adding a high intensity sweetener we could be equal the sweetness of sugar but that provides you, our beloved customers, with fewer options. With BeniSweet™ you’re able to reduce the sweetness of your recipes, or combine it with a high intensity sweetener (such as stevia) to be equal the sweetness of sugar. We believe that we’ve become accustomed to too much sweet and there is a need to readjust our taste buds. This is a belief supported by many experts.


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Everything we do is based upon an inherent, deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact. We employ creative thinking and challenge conventional wisdom in a pursuit to offer products of more benefit to our bodies. Products that push the limits of flavor and nutrition and help to find a solution to metabolic illnesses.

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